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The legal system is complicated, and although it may seem like the lawyers portrayed on prime time television shows such as Law and Order can easily whip legalese and cite cases from years ago off the tips of their tongues, it would serve us all to remember that this – and other shows like it – are simply that: Shows. Actors have rehearsed their lines and so of course they can remember to easily cite “this guy v that guy” or “this case v that case,” because it’s their job to do so in front of the cameras.

The real world is a lot different, and people from all walks of life need a place to be able to find the legal resources required to help them understand what they’re looking at. For example, someone who finds him or herself in a legal bind may not remotely understand the charges or difficulties facing them. So, what we’re going to attempt to do here at is pull together resources for everyone, to the best of our abilities.


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