The Law

Administrative Law

is the body of law governing administrative agencies- -that is, those agencies created by Congress or state legislatures, such as the Social Security Administration, state Unemployment Insurance Boards, state Welfare Commissions and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The authority these agencies possess is delegated to them by the bodies which created them.

Adoption Law

Persons contemplating adoption must comply with adoption laws for each state. For the most part, adoption issues are subject to State laws and regulations. State adoption laws are primarily comprised of laws from two sources, State statutes and State case law. State statutes are provisions enacted by State legislatures that regulate the subject matter of an issue. State case law consists of rules of law that come from the written decisions of judges who hear and decide litigation. Statutes and case law of a particular jurisdiction are binding on future litigation within that jurisdiction. Additionally, administrative regulations, which are enacted by agencies that have the authority, within certain limits, to make rules that have the force of statutes, also address legal issues in adoption.

Admiralty and maritime law

It is a relatively narrow and arcane body of law that governs shipping, transportation and fishing through legislation, common law principles and rulings of the court.

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